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Havilahtrend International Limited is a solution provider, sales and marketing specialist for Phaseun photovoltaic products offering you a unique range of components, stand alone/charger inverter, solar PV modules/lighting fitting, solar pumps, DC fridge/freezer, cable and battery, etc.

Acting as anintermediarybetween national and international manufacturers and wholesale customers, we are the most efficien market platform with complete solution for design, engineering, supply and installation.


Through our 5 years experience and the expertise of our associated companies we are able to provide technical advice to our customers on design, engineering and installation of small and medium sized photovoltaic systems.

The full gamut of solar enrgy - a far reaching field - is overseen by numerous companies in Nigeria. In contrast, Havilahtrend and WPF Engineering based in Germany in association with Phaseun GmbH focuses from the very start on off-grid photovoltaic systems, a field in which it is only proficient boffin that talk with authority with extensive project experience in all sub-sectors.

Today Havilahtrend can support:

  Pump (Borehole) systems and irrigation with solar power supply.
  Remote electronic intsrumentation (SCADA,RTU,...) and automation.
  Power supply for telecom equipment with Solar power supply.
  Solar Home Systems (We commisioned first project 2006 in Benin city).
  Schools and educational institutions hospitals and health stations.
  Centralized and de-centralized village power supplies.
  Street and road illumination and other public utilities
  PV hybrid systems with wind genration, micro hydro or generating sets.


Office lighting solar supply

Home Application PV Scheme rated for 300w


Reliability and efficiency are of prime importance wherever solar energy is used. This applies firstly to technical components and in particular to the design and installation of off-grid systems. Since each and every project results in specific individual conditions, project realization demands the considerationof various factors which must be implemented appropriately with the correct parts, dimensions and performance data.

We realise projects with the very best and latest technology purchased from renowned component manufacturers with years of production and development experience. And since we can always draw on extensive experience, our systems satisfy the highest requirements.

Our off-grid competencies of Phaseun GmbH are based on a team of outstanding specialists. The detailed know-how of our employees enables them to provide tailor-made all-inclusive solutions and prop-up for our customers, from demand analysis and specific concerto of components right up to precise installation and maintenance of the system.


The core attribute of our products and our positioning (Off-Grid). But also the core attributes of the co-operation with our suppliers and customer reside on our theorectical competence on solar applicability economics. We have the technical fluency of cost and saves of solar installation, our experience has shown it is more economical to use solar power in few home and offices system.

The solar industries, as well as our specialization are trend setting. Havilahtrend is setting standards in sales and service of off-grid PV components.

Office Application Ancillaries

Home Application Solar Lighting

Havilahtrend International Limited enjoys Constant Power Supply via Solar energy commissioned in May 2010 rated for 1.2KVA supplying entire office complex: 5 No Laptop, 2 No printer, 1 No Fax/copier machines, 2 No Ceiling fan and 6 No lighting points.


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